Friday, April 25, 2008


Hello friends and family. We wanted to let you know that Beth’s Pappaw Wilson (also know as P-Joe by his great-grandchildren) passed away yesterday morning. Pappaw was a strong Christian man, and he loved his family. He lived a full life, including almost 61 happy years married to Mammaw! He was a very patriotic man, having served his country in WWII. But more than anything, he loved the Lord, and that fact was evident till his very last days in this world. Pappaw was having trouble remembering things during these last few months, but he could always quote the Scriptures by heart, and he always had a Bible story to tell anyone he met!

Please remember Beth’s family in prayer this weekend as we mourn this loss, but also celebrate that a good and faithful servant has gone home.

We love you P-Joe, and we know we’ll see you again someday!

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Our Princess said...

We love you guys & are praying for your sweet family!