Saturday, May 10, 2008

Trip to Dollywood (a ton of pictures and videos)

Here are some pictures from a trip we took to Dollywood last Sunday. Here is a shot of Caroline after eating lunch in the car on the way up.

Caroline and Mommy waiting in line for the Piggy Parade.

On the piggy parade ride.

Mimi, Pappaw, and Mommy.

Caroline on the Busy Bees.

Caroline on the Lucky Ducks.

In line for the Elephant Ride. It is a big girl ride.

Here is some video of the Elephant Ride. Check it out when we start going up and down.

Sliding on the big girl slide.

Posing on the playground.

Daddy soaking some kids on the new River Battle Ride.

Caroline, Michael, and Catherine.

Crashing after a long day.

Waking back up for dinner with Pappaw at Red Lobster.