Thursday, April 3, 2008

here we go

Hello everyone! Beth here. I suppose eventually I had to succumb to blogging…Jonathan has been on my case about it for several months. So, as a compromise, we’ll share the family blog! Anyway, it will be a great opportunity to both catch up with you, our family and friends, and help you to catch up with us!

Right now things are pretty normal around here. Caroline is growing at a phenomenal rate, physically, intellectually, and emotionally! She has so many words, and she is starting to put sentences together. A couple of nights ago, she surprised us with this one: “Pappaw read it”. Of course, he had to do as she asked! Her first two-word combination was ‘bear roar’ back in late January. Also, she is so tall! She is definitely as tall as most 2-year-olds. More than half my height!!

In March, the month was full of celebrations. Easter and Caroline’s 18-month ‘birthday’ fell on the same day. We had fun hunting for eggs at a fantastic party hosted by my friend Karey. There were just a few kids, so Caroline was able to find plenty of eggs on her own. She really got into it! Cousins Catherine and Michael were there, and of course, friends Logan, Connor, and Riley. Fun times!

Oh, and Caroline is having eye surgery on April 18th to correct her clogged tear ducts. By all accounts, this is a very simple procedure. We will be in and out in just a few hours, and the surgery itself is supposedly only 5 minutes or so! Please do keep her in your prayers on that day. We’ll let you know how it goes…

Thanks for checking on us…we’ll post again soon!


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