Friday, April 11, 2008

A good place for an accident (well kinda)

Here is a recounting of my experience on the way to the allergy doctor this past week:

...on my way in to the doc (it’s at Parkwest hospital), I was in a hurry, and when I pulled open the huge metal door in the parking garage, I slammed it into and over my toes. Ok, so I immediately doubled over in pain and was breathless, and saying oh my gosh oh my gosh over and over. There was nobody in sight, but I knew I had to get some help. I looked down at my foot (I was wearing flip-flops) and immediately started feeling so sick. This was really weird, cause I don’t get sick at the sight of blood, etc. I think it was the pain. Anyway, I made it in the door, and I thought, maybe I can get up to the doc’s office on the elevator and get help there. Well, I tried to look at the board that tells the floor number to go to, and blackness started to take over until all I could see was a small I quickly got down on the floor and sprawled out. This was so embarrassing! It was terrible at the time, but I am laughing as I write this. Nobody was there, and I looked at my toe again, and saw that it was huge and purple and a huge gash was oozing blood. By then, I was breaking out in a major sweat. So I’m thinking, at least I’m at a hospital...I’ll need stitches and I just knew it was broken. Well, finally along comes this delivery man, and he’s like, are you ok, can you call somebody, etc...well, I was about to black out still, so I couldn’t make the phone call to Jon. Then finally a bunch of people came out of the elevator...I was so embarrassed, but I couldn’t help it! One of the guys was a tech or whatever, wheeling somebody out in wheelchair. He was like, do you want me to call 911? And I’m thinking, we’re in a hospital! But I said, no please don’t call he came back after dropping his patient off and somehow got me into the wheelchair. I was still reeling and felt like I was going to hurl. Somehow during all of this, I managed to call Jon, and he headed over there. The tech guy got me up to the doc’s office, and they sat me in this big recliner (you sit in one anyway to get your allergies tested), and they started to treat my foot. Seriously embarrassing. Here I came in a big ol’ wheelchair all pale and pitiful and having to explain what just happened. But of course, the people were really nice and they got the wound cleaned up and they said they didn’t think it needed stitches. They got me an ice pack and elevated my foot and all of this. It was so ridiculous. So there I sat, getting my allergies tested with a big fat foot all covered in ice and bandages. I could hear them all out in the hall talking about it, like, did you see that toe, it looks bad, etc. It really is funny. As to whether or not it’s broken, we’re still not sure. But I’m able to walk, so I would think that means no. It looks a lot better today. It was mainly just the immediate reaction that was so bad...!!!!

Anyway, thought you might enjoy my humorous injury story. Maybe it will lighten up your day.


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Rachel said...

So funny! Although it's not funny that you have a possibly broken toe. At least we can laugh at those moments that we find ourselves sprawled on the floor in front of complete strangers! ha ha