Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cool Uncle Dustin

Caroline has another favorite buddy in our friend Dustin. Jonathan and Dustin have been friends since the 6th grade or something like that! Caroline, Dustin, and Daddy have a standing date to go bowling on certain Wednesday nights. Here they are together at our house reading a book...wait a minute, looks more like Caroline is attempting her famous tickling of Dustin’s beard!


Splash Country

Every year, Wendy, Mike, and the kids get passes to Splash Country, and every year they are gracious enough to use their ‘get a friend in free’ passes on us! We had such a fun time this year...despite the freezing cold water!

Caroline loves to splash in the spraying fountains.

Apparently, Pappaw does too!

Catherine and Caroline try to get warm by sharing a hug.

Ok, is there a theme here? I think Pappaw did the lion’s share of the hard work...running around after the kids in the icy cold water!

Beth talked a life guard into giving us this shelter for free! It was a life-saver! Mimi and Caroline take a break from the action.

At the end of the day, this slide had no line! Here are Wendy (aka ‘WiWi’) and Caroline taking advantage of that fact. Fun!!

Thanks Wendy and family for taking us to Splash Country! It was really a fantastic day.


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Special Night at Nana's

We were excited that Uncle Tim and Aunt Ashley were able to visit for several weeks this summer! Since they live just outside of Boston, of course we don’t get to see them very often. On this night in June, we had a cookout at Nana’s...a really great time!

Nana and Caroline brush each other’s hair.

Now she wants to brush everyone’s hair!

Being shy with Aunt Ashley.

Can you tell they’re brothers?

Caroline was pretty good at blowing bubbles!

Nana passes on her green thumb to Caroline.

Caroline loves her Aunt and Uncle! She yelled for them, ‘Tiiiuum, Aaaa-Eeee’!

Thanks for having us Nana! A good evening spent with family.


Potty Time!

On June 13, 2008, Caroline went potty for the first time! She came to me and said, ‘poop’ I asked, ‘do you want to go to the potty?’...and she said ‘yeah’. So we went. Faaaantastic!



Beth told Caroline that our last name was Scoonover. She asked if Caroline could say it. She said ‘hnoongofer’. We like it.

(This pic is a couple months old, but I really like it. She dressed herself this day. Her favorite hat and her necklace-that my friend Curtis brought back from Uganda.)


Oak Ridge Children's Museum

In June, Caroline, Mommy, Mimi, Wendy, and Michael visited the Oak Ridge Children’s Museum. There are some neat things to see and do there!

Caroline’s favorite thing by far was the ‘doll house’.

Here she is commanding the ‘spaceship’.

She and Michael also enjoyed the train room, the rainforest, and the water room. Good stuff!


Day at the Farm

Okay, okay! So we are summer blogging slackers! We've just been having too much fun this summer to take time out to blog! So now we would love to catch you up on all our summer adventures.

First up, a day at the Rucker farm. Jonathan's Aunt Pam and Uncle Jim own a huge piece of land near Berea, Kentucky. Both Pam and Jim are pastors of local churches, but they also manage this fantastic farm! Caroline got to meet goats, chickens, and a donkey named Cinco. She especially loved gathering the chickens' eggs...she wouldn't let go of the basket! What a great day!

Nana surprised Caroline with her own 'MP3 player' for the ride up.

Beth had a blast riding Uncle Ronnie's first motorcycle ride!

Check out this video of Caroline meeting Cinco the donkey. Listen closely...

Caroline and Riley the dog had an instant bond. It was so cute! Riley stayed right with her the whole time...

Jonathan rowing out into 'Lake Rucker'

The Ruckers also board horses (this is KY, folks!). Here's a great group shot of some of the family after walking down to admire this beautiful animal. He's a prize winning race horse!

After an exciting day and with a belly full of Aunt Pam's famous cake, Caroline finally zonked out. Check out Jonathan and cousin John trading Mac 'tips'...ha!

Thank you, Ruckers, for hosting us! It was so great to see everyone. We had a fantastic day and can't wait to see you again soon.


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sorry, just a little longer...

I realize that it has been a long time since I have posted at either this or my other site. But I just wanted to let you know of my intentions. We have a bunch of good pics and videos from several events and vacations over the past 2 months. I will be blogging back-dated events hopefully starting this week. Expect the following post within the next 2 weeks:

day at the farm
Disneyworld (at least 2 posts)
Night at Nana's
Oak Ridge Children's Museum
Splash Country
Hilton Head Island
and probably a good 4th of July post as well!

check back soon,