Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Caroline goes to the doctor

Caroline had her 18 month checkup this past Friday. She is a healthy girl and so smart! She’s just over 27 lbs, and she is 34.5 in. tall.

Cute story: Before going to the doc, we always read Corduroy Goes to the Doctor...we talk about what will happen during her appointment. One of the things she likes best from the book is when Corduroy says “aaah” so that the doctor can check his throat and mouth. She practices saying “aaah” too.

Well, as you can imagine, she was quite fussy while Dr. Shults actually examined her eyes and ears, and listened to her heart. She would not even say bye-bye to Dr. Shults, but instead gave her a solemn (slightly defiant) look as she walked out of the room. But as soon as the door closed, Caroline perked up and piped up, “Bye....Shults.......Aaaaaaaah”. She knew what she was doing all along! That little booger :) Thanks Corduroy.


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Rachel said...

Jonathan told me about this the other day. Hilarious!!!