Thursday, September 18, 2008

The 'Kees

Let me tell you about some friends of mine. Beth and I have known the Bryants since before we were married (in fact we were both in the same engaged couples small group together.) Jeff and Amy are amazing friends. They, as much as anyone I know, live out Christ's mission and purposes for their lives. Let me explain...Jeff is a football coach (and defensive coordianator) for the South Doyle Cherokees (hence the title of the post!) Both Jeff and Amy pour their lives into this in a way that is truly inspiring. They have players over to their house every week for meals, tutoring, and for just hanging out. In this way, they have opened up their lives to a group of kids that would otherwise have very little support. They care for these students beyond what you could imagine. This is the very thing that Christ has called us to be (and do!) It is not a sunday school program or outreach project. It is organic and natural and comes out of an overflow of their love for Christ. To me it is a beautiful picture of what Christ has done for us by not only calling us into community, but also sending us out to be salt and light to the world. They are an encouragement to me and I am thankful that God has placed them in my family's life.

Beth and I got to attend South Doyle's first game of the season against Carter. It was a great game full of screaming and cheering that left me without a voice for a day. (High school football is intense!) It was a battle to the end, but the 'Kees pulled out the victory with a strong defensive stand! Here is a picture taken just after victory when the students rushed to the field to celebrate!

21 South Doyle
14 Carter

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Jeff and Amy Bryant said...

Wow. I was truly surprised to see this post. Thanks so much for the vote of confidence. We are truly honored. Thanks for the kind words. We really appreciate it. And... on a side note... we are very thankful for y'all too! Your love for Christ and your servant hearts are truly inspring and contagious! We love y'all.