Saturday, September 13, 2008

Goodbye to Mammaw's House

Recently we spent a lot of time cleaning out many years of memories at Mammaw’s house. It will be a year this Monday since Mammaw Higgins passed away. This house has been the family’s home since before I was born. It was especially ‘home’ for me, since we moved a bunch when I was in grade school...but Mammaw’s house was always solid. Growing up, we spent tons of time there, eating Chef Boyardee Pizzas and Mammaw’s delicious pot roast. Pappaw would sing, we would play in the front yard while Mammaw and Mom rocked on the porch, and I would constantly pester a teenage Wendy for attention. Moving all the stuff was a sad time, but also a time full of laughter as we searched through boxes and boxes (and boxes!) of family history. It is a huge blessing that the house sold very quickly...and, get this, the lady who bought it had been looking for a home on that exact street for some time (to be near her daughter and grandchildren). She had driven by Mammaw’s house several times and said that ‘if that house ever comes on the market, I want it’. Well, she got it! It was only ‘on the market’ for one weekend! When we went by on closing day to pick up a couple of last boxes, her children had put a sign on the door reading, ‘Welcome Home Mamaw’! That makes me cry right now. I couldn’t help but stop and thank the Lord for the peace of mind he had given us that this house would see much love in the years to come.

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Rachel said...

That's really neat. I'm glad what seems to be such a special family bought it!