Tuesday, September 16, 2008

International Competition!

This is Jonathan's friend and co-worker, Baolerhu. He is working on an interesting Business as Mission project for ProVision. During August, he and Jonathan decided to create what they dubbed 'The ProVision Olympics", with Jonathan representing the USA and Baolerhu representing the two countries in which he grew up, Mongolia and China. They went head to head in games to demonstrate their athletic prowess such as putt-putt and bocce ball! No seriously, they got some 'real' sports in there too (soccer, tennis, basketball, etc.). I'm proud to say that after a long-fought battle, USA won the gold, with a 5-4 score in games won overall! All in all, it was a friendly competition that got the whole office cheering!


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Rachel said...

ha ha - I really wish I could have seen this!