Monday, March 2, 2009

Christmas in Kentucky!

We had a great trip to KY the weekend after Thanksgiving! With a delicious holiday spread and the annual gift swap (I can’t believe Caroline didn’t steal that silly monkey, Uncle Tom!), we had some really good family time. Nannie even made an oh-so-cuddly snowman blanket for Caroline, along with a quilted bookbag with a treasure inside...a Jan Brett story, The Three Snow Bears! What a treat! And of course, Caroline loved visiting Cinco the donkey again and meeting the new baby horse (see video below), Wishart’s Legal Trick (Wishart, for short...this guy could be a prize winning racehorse someday!). Not sure if I’ve ever mentioned this on the blog, but if you are ever headed North on 75 thru KY, take time to stop at the KY artisan’s center in Berea. Both Nannie and Grandad have featured pieces there. They are both acclaimed many areas...but particularly wood carving and lathe work for Grandaddy and quilting for Nannie. Check it out!

Also check out this small article on mace that Grandad made for his alma mater Maryville College.

Thank you for my snowman, cousin Rachel! He’s so cute, he’s making my room a little merrier right now! With love, Caroline

Visiting the animals...


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