Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Caroline!!!

Caroline's birthday was September 23rd! She is now two years old! She is really turning into a 'big girl' before our very eyes...talking so much and understanding so many things. (Example: One night this week, after staying with Mimi and Pappaw for a little while, she told me that Pappaw made her some peas. 'I ate peas' she proceded to say. When I said, 'Oh that's great Caroline...You ate some peas!', she looked at me with a very knowing look. She squinted up her face at me and said, 'Not real peas, Mommy...just pretend peas.' Jonathan and I looked at each other in disbelief! It took so much understanding to tell me that...the difference between pretend and real, and the knowledge that I was thinking she had really eaten peas, and the willingness to correct me on that! So funny! And, sure enough, as I was cleaning up later that night, I found the pretend peas plated up there in her little kitchen. What a smart girl!)

Ok, so back to birthday stuff. On her actual birthday, Jonathan and Caroline and I spent the whole day together. Jon took a vacation day and we headed to the Knoxville Zoo. It had been a few months since we visited, so to Caroline, everything was practically brand new. We especially enjoyed seeing the baby orangutan, George. He was learning to crawl, just like a human baby! The mother kept picking him up and sitting him down in a crawling position. Then she would give him a nudge, and he would try to go forward a little bit, then he would fall down. It was pretty interesting stuff.

After heading home for a nap, we decided to eat dinner at one of Caroline's favorite spots...Mr. Gatti's pizza!! It was a special treat! We really had fun just hanging out together and relaxing all day.

Happy Birthday little bird! We love you!

Gimmee some more pizza!

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Rachel said...

Adorable! I cannot believe how big she's gotten!