Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Beach with Friends

In March, we were blessed to take an impromptu trip with the Robinson and Floyd families to Watercolor, FL. The trip could not have been more fun! The weather was perfect, and although the water was freezing (seriously, like, think creek in the Smokies cold), it was so amazingly clear…we just couldn’t resist jumping right in! Caroline had a blast playing with her friends Brianna, Alexandra, Kate, and Anna. She loved building sandcastles and jumping in the waves. It was a blast!
Alexandra shows Caroline how to make a drip castle (with a little help from Daddy and Mr. ‘Yance’)

“B-nana, Axexonda, will you take me to da oshen?”

That water was sooo cold!!

I mean, seriously, look at that crystal clear water!

Thank you so much Robinson family, for inviting us! It was a fantastic trip!


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