Thursday, February 26, 2009

Jonathan's Trip to Haiti

Most of you know, but just in case, Jonathan works with a philanthropic organization (Equitas Group) and is trying to stop child slavery in Haiti. Here are some pictures from Jonathan's trip to Haiti in November 2008.

It's never hard to find some cute kids posing for a picture. They love digital cameras, so that you can instantly show them what they look like. (Many of them have never seen themselves before!)

This building is used to store salt that has been harvested from the ocean. This micro-business is one of the many example's of HOPE International's microfinance loans. You can find out more about HOPE International by clicking here.

Also, if you have about 8 minutes check out this new (very well done) video explaining more about HOPE in Haiti. Jonathan is friends with several of the people in the video.

Special Note: Pay close attention and you will see the exact salt storage building in the picture above.

These kids were showing off their toy truck that they made out of old plastic bottles.

Jonathan met two new friends. They spent some time trying to teach each other their native language.

Beautiful picture that shows the vegetation and architecture.

Here is a quick video show some of the city of Cap Haitien.

This was a precious little girl at a hospital/clinic in Trou Du Nord.

Go Vols!!!! Always good to see that color orange! This little girl was scared by Jonathan's rendition of Rocky Top. Here Jonathan is trying to explain that she is wearing a uniform from the school he attended.

Similar to UT Orange, you can't escape the reach of the Disney Empire. These kids were at an orphanage that was actually featured on Extreme Home Makeover just a few days before Jonathan was there.

Getting ready to come home! Snow White made the trip too...Caroline suggested this as Daddy was packing. She took pictures of herself and sent them to Caroline each day. Great idea, Snow White!


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