Sunday, August 17, 2008

Disneyworld (3/3)

Disney Studios

Go Wildcats! It’s a High School Musical block party! Caroline is wearing her “I Majored In Vacation” shirt, just like in the movie! One of the performers yelled to Caroline in his microphone...'I like your shirt!'

Back to EPCOT for a special fancy dinner at “Les Chefs de France”. Do you see why I love Disney? Shorts and a t-shirt and upscale dining can go together!!

Just plain cute! Spaceship Earth in the background.

What a nice looking couple on the Mexico ride!

Last day...back at Magic Kingdom

Caroline in Minnie’s house: “Nana, look! I didn’t know Minnie was a quilter too!”

Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about! Some relief from this Florida heat...a splash in Pooh Bear’s fountains!

Beautiful shot from the bridge on Tom Sawyer’s Island.

Back at the hotel...

Disney All-Star Resorts are great. Inexpensive, but kids love them!!! We stayed in the Toy Story building.

Yes, that’s a 3 story Buzz! “Tall Buzz”, as Caroline calls him.

Daddy and Caroline enjoyed a swim on our last night at Disney. What a fantastic week it was! We are so blessed to be able to share these great times together.

I apologize for the many posts all at once! It’s just so hard to get it all in...and these pictures and descriptions only begin to scratch the surface of our trip! Well, we hope you enjoyed a glimpse at our WDW vacation ‘08!

hope you enjoy,

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Our Princess said...

Love it! I was catching up on all my favorite blogs & was so excited to see the Disney pics. Can't wait to take our girls (& everyone else ;-) ) to Disney together! Love you guys! Thanks for everything!!!!!